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Most Critical Resume Errors

Bryan Goldberg

Most recruiters are busy people and they don�t have the whole day to consider your resume. Do you think your resume is good enough to make it to the collection of resumes being considered? Or will it directly go to the trash can? Does it work in your favor or is it a burden?

Victoria Potter, Edina�s Minn.-based Princeton Search Group; veteran recruiter, goes through a number of 300 resumes every week and offers opinion on all kinds of resumes, be it the better ones or the ones that don�t work. According to Ms. Potter, most common errors are:

Error 1: A deficient beginning

There are hundreds of resume responses to an online job advertisement, and if you want your resume to stand out and make a strong statement, you better start it with a punch line, but most people don�t realize the importance of that. According to Potter, of the hundred plus resumes recruiters receive, only less than a dozen leave a strong impact on the reader.

The best way to get your resume noticed is to top it with a prominent objective. There are no second chances or revisions, either you make your mark or you don�t.

The thing to keep in mind is that the first line of your resume should be appealing enough to motivate the reader to read the rest of your resume. It should be impressive and strong enough for the recruiters to call you immediately.

Error 2: Inconsistency and lack of clarity

According to Ms. Potter, a resume which doesn�t maintain consistency and doesn�t provide a clear insight into the mind, objectives and area of expertise of an applicant fails. Applicants should not try to overstate the number of areas in which they excel and be all kinds of people. Don�t confuse the reader by mentioning every little detail you believe you have mastered.

The solution to this problem is just getting a professional to review the resume for you and check whether the resume answers core questions about your work. Try to bring order and focus to your resume.

Error 3: Lack of important information

In Potter�s view, applicants need to use accurate statistics and their specific accomplishments to support the statements their resume makes. Your qualification won�t work for you if your resume lacks the verification of your theories.

This error can be avoided by answering specific questions about your projects and schemes

Error 4: Information in Excessive Amounts

A resume that goes on forever and has pointless amounts of extraneous information can work negatively for an applicant as well. You might think that it looks pleasing if you overstuff the resume with more and more details, but irrelevant data will do you no good. No employer is interested in going through an endless tale which doesn�t serve their purpose.

This error can be avoided by omitting the kind of irrelevant experiences and detail that doesn�t fit into the sort of job you are applying for. Remember, it is very crucial to maintain conciseness and accuracy.

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