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Posting and Distributing Resume

Bryan Goldberg

This article was written by Deborah Walker who is the Resume writer and Career Coach at CCMC. Now it has been paraphrased to give you a clear idea what is the difference between posting and distributing Resume.

We know that the electronic age has brought revolution in almost every field so is the job searching process. Gone are the days when employers have to advertise their jobs in newspapers and job ads and receive large amount of Resume via post in their offices. Now with a click of mouse he could see thousands of candidates meeting his requirement. Further short-listing process is now easier with the help of pre-scanning process and employment agencies.

There is difference in posting and distributing Resume. As by most of the means Resume are sent and stored in the systems online. There should be a good knowledge of how the Resume reviewing and screening process would put us in a position where we can say yes the employer would like to call for an interview.

Resume posting:

Resume posting is a passive technique where we post our Resume through online job boards to paid subscriber employers and recruiters to find information about us. It�s up to employer how do they find information about us from a vast pool of candidates. All we have done is submit our job details on a database (perhaps with job keywords to make ease for scanning process). Although this service is absolutely free for job seekers, it cost money for employers and head hunters. The amount of money to be paid by the employers runs from few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, which we don�t have any control on how much amount of Resume they wish to consider from a job database. This leaves us a possibility we would miss a good number of our employers in target market.

Resume distribution:

It�s just the opposite of Resume posting technique. That means we have control over how many employers are going to receive our job Resume in their database. It�s a proactive to approach a target market. The reason is as a job seeker we are paying some money to get our Resume go through in different places in short period of time.

For instance we would be paying something from $50 to several hundred dollars to reach our audience. Following are the features of Resume distribution

- We don�t spend time to be found while keep applying to a large number of job boards.

- We have more control on which industry, sector and companies are going to get our Resume.

- We can decide how many employers we have to contact several or several hundred at a time.

- It is a fast and efficient way to access market. We submit our Resume once and reach a large number of employers with fewer efforts.

It must be kept in mind that quality of service depends upon the quality of employers which are likely to receive your Resume for their jobs. How good a distribution service is to provide you a list of good employers where you actually want to send your Resume in. Therefore, it is also advisable to keep the shape of Resume at its best and updated so that it could be optimally utilized by the distribution service. By not getting enough success with a posing service for a CV which is substandard, it would marginally make a differences from market response as the same Resume is now available to large part of audience but quality is still a question.

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