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How to Make Sure You Can Pass the Phone Interview

Nelson Berry

A lot of applicants don�t want to take phone interviews seriously. After all, they are informal. Shouldn�t you be interviewed in an office instead? This is a misconception. Any kind of interview, even it�s conducted on the phone, should be accomplished with grace, honesty, and professionalism. In case you don�t know, you never get to go through more interviews and get the job unless you pass the very first one, which is usually through phone.

How do you prepare for it?

1. Anticipate the call. The moment you submit your resume to the company, expect to hear something on the other end. This means they are interested in you. Almost always they will call you within a week. If you truly want the job, you may want to wait for a week before you truly looking for another.

2. Have your resume ready. It doesn�t matter where you�re going. Keep your resume handy. You will never know when you will receive the call. Moreover, most of the questions asked are based on the content. You want to avoid any error or inconsistency.

3. Provide different contact numbers. To definitely increase the chances of getting interviewed, give as many contact details as possible. Besides your mobile phone number, give your landline number. This way, if the call doesn�t come through clearly in your mobile phone, you can advise to take it through your landline.

4. Speak slowly. Take note that there�s technology in between. There will be issues with frequency that may make it quite hard for the interviewer to hear you properly, especially if you�re talking way too fast. Thus, speak slowly and clearly. Don�t forget to ask if he can hear you very well.

5. Sound confident. Don�t allow your nerves to get the best of you even when in a phone interview. Or else, you will only stutter, which can definitely affect your chances of getting more interviews.

Before the call, you can already speak of subliminal messages or affirmations. You can recite them, or you can just play them in your head. The subliminal messages can uplift your self-confidence, so you don�t only feel it, but you also get to show it through your voice. You can try the following subliminal messages:

I bring out the best me in this call.

I won�t let the voice on the other end overwhelm me.

I am blessed with a clear mind.

I am eager to take the call.

6. Practice. If you have the tendency to stammer when speaking on a stranger in the phone, you may want to practice speaking out some lines. You can ask help from a friend or a family member who�s going to pose as an interviewer. Ask them to assess your manner of speaking and your answer.

7. Give a hint. Your main goal is to actually get past the telephone interview and move on to higher phases. Hence, subtly inform the interviewer of your desire. You may want to ask when you can possibly schedule a face-to-face interview.

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