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Selecting the Right Career

Philip Sean Andrews

I believe that after finishing your high school studies, you are unsure on what career you want to pursue. I'm sure your parents and close friends gave their suggestions as what is the suitable course you will take in college. This is inevitable since they notice your personality, like and dislikes as well as passion in life.

Everyone of us has our own dreams and wants in life. These maybe an ideal or not suitable to the demand of the society nowadays. However, take note that those who take the courses and practice a career which is in demand today cannot tell if their courses are perfect for them. Now, if you are unsure of what course and career to pursue, what should you do?

First consider choosing the right career for you as a balance act. The ideal is, you should find a career that matches you passions and obligations in life. However, sometimes choosing a career which you like most can affect some of your obligations in life. So be sure to check both sides of the coin to avoid conflicts in terms of you life and and your family.

List all the careers you want to pursue like engineering, teaching, or nursing. After that, check how these career appeal in the modern economy. Some of the careers which are in demand today include computing, care giving, teaching and engineering.

Take note that these careers should reflect the status of the economy as well as the demography. Due to continued technological innovations and release of modern gadgets, computing works are on the rise. Care giving is also in demand since old people who have no immediate family who take care of them, will hire skilled people in providing health care. Career advisors and recruitment personnel also see lucrative opportunities due to the problematic economy. Most young couples who decided to have two works will lead to hiring individuals who will take care of their children.

We can also observe work aspects that are not affected by the financial crisis like education and health care. Even if people are sick, they still go to school and study.

One of the advantages offered by modern technology is the ease of finding careers which are on the rise and those in decline. So take time to research online and determine if your desired career is on demand.

Additional factor you should understand is the fast changing society where we live. Due to this new jobs and careers are on the rise everyday. So comprehensive research can help you gain ideas which cannot be made in the previous times.

After you have determined some careers which are suitable for your likes and passion, make a little effort of discernment until you choose one which is right for you.

If there are times that you need to compromise something, there is a need for you to find a way to fill in the missing factor. This happens if you are to reject some of your big passions such as writing, music and acting when selecting a career for you.Take note that many people have changed their career many times in their lives. The key is to maintain your dreams and interests in life and don't forget to use them when making money. There are times that sidelines become a full-time work which can lead you to a serious money making.

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