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Resumes That Work to Market You So Employers Will Start Calling

Bryan Goldberg

Most job seekers find writing their resumes and cover letters the most difficult part of job searching. However, resumes and cover letters play the most critical role in job searching process. As a career counselor, I find it devastating to see how people cannot find a better job or remain underpaid as they are not able to write better self-promotional pieces. Most people, even managers and executives, writes resumes that sounds more like a job description and which tends to fail in today�s job market.

What the hiring managers say?

According to Tom Wemerskirchen, HR Manager at Mustang Manufacturing, most resume fails as they are too general. This sends out a message about the job applicant that they are willing to take any job, and are not hired.

Kir Beyer, an HR Director, also points out similar faults in the resumes. According to him, most job seekers do not tailor the resume according to the specific job position. They send out their resume without having the jobs in their minds, and not knowing what they are looking for, which let them disregard them as potential candidates.

A CEO of a company, Doug Allen, points out that targeted resumes are required which matches the employer�s needs. At the same time, it should show off the skills of the individuals, how they are used, and what achieved. This is the only way to impress the potential employers. Creative solutions to the Best Resumes

� Mention all innovations, improvements, and cost savings (if any): These will show how active you are on the job and produce the desired results. It is important to begin every sentence with an action verb, such as directed, created, established, and produced. Make sure you make your accomplished specific, noteworthy, and easily understood. Do not exaggerate or misstate the truth.

� Use �Summary of Qualification�: A summary of qualifications that you can bring to the job should always be included. This section can be used illustrate powerfully your top selling points in 5 to 6 sentences. The focus of this section should be to tell the prospective employers about your experience level, key talents, best results, as well as what exactly it is that you want to do. A targeted resumes outlining the actions which you have done and how you got the results are important. Specific skills and experience which your potential employers would be interested in should be pointed out.

� Make it easy to gather information from your resume: Your resumes should be concise and clear. Your resume should be of one to two pages long with small number of words to make the point. Lengthy descriptions should be eliminated along with non-related information, which do not give strength to your performance in the job position you are applying for. The stress should be on the last five to seven years of work. The formatting should be simple with enough white space on the pages. Fonts should be the ones used commonly, such as Times Roman or Arial fonts with 12 point size. More important points should be put in bullets to put more emphasis on them.

� Do not lie on your resume: It is extremely important that you do not lie or exaggerate the truth in your resume. It can lead to embarrassing situation and also get you fired if you got the job. Hence, only tell the truth which you can substantiate as well.

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