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5 Signs That Show You Are Passionless to Get a Job

Bryan Goldberg

Job searchers spend a lot of time in working on their resumes as they consider it the most important thing that will give them their dream job. It is definitely true that a resume is the most imperative element for a job seeker but there are some other things that which should be considered too if someone certainly wants a job. Below I am putting down 5 signs which will tell that you are unenthusiastic towards your job search:

Sign 1:

You quickly disregard someone�s advice no matter how close that person to you is. No matter what one says, you make statements such as; �No way. I have already tried it.� Or �I don�t think so. You are saying this because you were not in that interview. You have no idea what level of pressure you are in while you are getting interrogated.�

Solution: You should keep your calm while listening to any advice. It doesn�t matter if you have already heard that advice before, you should carefully listen to it as it is observed that sometimes we need to hear the same thing again and again to finally grasp it seriously.

Sign 2:

After most of your interviews, you have lot of negative things to think such as; �I knew it. That old fellow was looking for someone of his age.� Solution: there is no candidate who is perfect when some are too young some are too old. Same goes to the experiences of people so you should trust on what positives you have and leave the other things on fate.

Sign 3:

When you don�t get response form a company where you gave an interview, you send an email like this: �Last week, I sent you my resume and followed up but you never returned any phone call. Are you ignoring me?� Solution: When you feel really angry you should take a deep breath and stay away from your PC and shouldn�t be back until you are calmed down. Sending an offensive e-mail is not a solution for getting a job, is it?

Sign 4:

You are not getting convinced that you�re lacking but blaming the external factors for your lack of progress. Even you do the same in those times when you don�t have what it takes to get to a particular position but you can with efforts and willpower.

Solution: You should not overlook your own personality or skill based lackings to make sure that you qualify for what you are looking for.

Sign 5:

After most of the interviews you come out saying; �Goddamn, why did I say what I wasn�t supposed to say in there?� Solutions: Instead of cursing yourself every time you walk out of an interview, you should note down all the mistakes you made in the interview on a paper and as soon as you get home; work on them.

Nobody can be perfected, but you can get closer to perfection. So, work on all the things I mentioned above to possess what it takes to get a dream job.

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