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How to be a Good Worker and Still Leave at 5pm Everyday

Jason Kay

Most people want to prove to their boss that they are efficient and effective workers, especially if there is opportunity to be promoted. There is a common misconception that hours and hours of overtime and staying after work is the only way to show a boss or manager that you are a dedicated employee. This is simply not so. Let�s look at a few strategies that you can use to impress your employer while still leaving at the time you are supposed to be off every day.

1. Email Can Be a Huge Distraction

If you are fortunate enough to have your own computer during the work day you must be disciplined. A computer, especially one with internet and e-mail access, is one of the most common distractions seen in the workplace today. Start disciplining yourself with your e-mail. A sudden e-mail from a long last friend can derail anyone from a productive roll at work. Make sure you work e-mail and personal e-mail are two separate accounts. You don�t even want to give yourself the opportunity to be easily distracted by personal e-mail.

2. Start Big

For some odd reason it seems that human nature convinces us to leave large projects or difficult tasks for �later�. This is one way to find yourself behind and unmotivated. Who wants to tackle a large project at 3 p.m. when all you can think about is going home and putting on comfortable clothes? Avoid this dilemma by knocking out all of the difficult or large tasks in the morning hour. Once completed, you will tend to have a feeling of accomplishment and this often motivates people even more.

3. Multi-tasking May Be Less Efficient

Today�s society promotes multi-tasking by the products and programs on the market. Every day there are new gadgets being released that allow people to complete multiple tasks at one time. While this may be effective with tasks at home, multi-tasking can actually cause you to be less productive in the workplace. Workers often try to start five different projects, or tasks, at one time. This causes most people to be unfocused. Constantly moving from project to project will cause you to think unclearly about all of them. At the end of the day you will feel that you have accomplished nothing other than having multiple projects started with no results.

Keep these strategies in mind next time you are staying after work in hopes to impress your boss. Employers are more impressed with those employees that are more efficient within a shorter amount of time. Think as your eight hours of work as your time to shine. Get in there and knock out your big tasks without being distracted by things from your personal life. Implementing these strategies into your work week will surely produce impressive results. Most people want to prove to their boss that they are efficient and effective workers, especially if there is opportunity to be promoted.

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