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Tips on Writing a Professional Resume-Straight From the Hiring Manager

Bryan Goldberg

If your resume doesn�t get you interview chances, it�s useless. If a resume is good, you are more likely to face less complications and confusion during your interview. A well structure and neat resume sets a standard of an individual that helps him to not say a lot in the interview to tell about himself. Also, your resume has to be on the main objective however you should add all the information about your experience related to the concerned field. This will help you in the interview as everything will be in front of your interviewer so he won�t have to ask you all your career details from start o finish. He will ask only the most important pointers and career changes which will help you to stay confident in the interview and reply to all the questions with ease. Recently, our team conducted a survey in which over 500 hiring managers participated. Also, we talked to chief operating officers in a survey about the attributes that are most looked for by their companies. So below is the summary of what we learned from all these professionals who have spent a huge part of their lives in hiring and other recruitment activities:

The 15 second Resume:

All the efforts you make in order to come up with your resume will be tested within 15 seconds. In these 15 seconds they will either succeed of fail as the absolute majority of recruiters spend only 15 seconds in testing your resume before they consider you in - or out. For this reason, you have to organize your resume in the best way possible to show your strongest attributes in your resume in a way that they look clear and result oriented. Below are some tips for assessing your resume which are taken from our hiring manager survey:

Content: you must give a clear picture of your strong attributes.

Objective: You must state your objective in a very clear and concise manner.

One page: the entire resume should be of 1 page. Professional layout: the layout you use shouldn�t be fancy; instead it should be decent and attractive.

Easy to read: The overall look of your resume should be clear and without any non-readable parts.

Quantify skills and actions: you should quantify your skills so the interviewer can judge how well you can go with the company and position you applied for.

Your resume is everything that the recruiter has when he begins the screening process. So you should arrange your resume by keeping the above mentioned pointers in mind as an employer or interviewer only spend 15 seconds in going through your resume he should get everything he looks for.

Succinctly, the tips on professional resume writing by the hiring managers emphasize on content, objective, readability and quantification of skills and actions. If you want to get success in a very important interview, you should follow this piece of article to be hired at a position you always dreamed about.

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