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Looking Good Pays Off in the End

Stewart Wrighter

Every person feels that they have something to offer when it comes to fashion and anything to do with this industry. These days, some people crave to be in the spotlight and will do just about anything to become famous. However, care is needed since it is often those that want something the most who end up being scalped by unscrupulous companies which bank on their naivet� to make a fast buck at their expense. Try looking up �modeling agency� or �modeling agencies� to see what is available in the local area.

Of course, the first thing people think of is that they must be pretty or vivacious to make it on the catwalk. Although this may be true to some extent, what they need is to have a different look which the designers can work with. Being stick thin seems to be the standard rule at present but there is a growing backlash against this usually unattainable figure. Indeed, it is the height of the catwalk queen which is more important since a woman below five feet seven is unlikely to get anywhere on the catwalks. She can make it big in catalogs though since height in this genre is not so important.

After height, this novice should be able to walk the way that other catwalk people do. The strutting that they do is supposed to set the clothes off and make people want to buy so this is no place for a wallflower attitude for sure. Those who are confident and not afraid to show off their bodies do not have as tough a time as those who are not willing to show a few feet of flesh. Indeed, some clothes are practically not there at all and it is not wise to get into this trade if the person is not willing to be directed in this way.

Men too sometimes have a tough time since they may be asked to appear in magazines that are aimed at the gay crowd. If they are not gay, they may feel that being labeled as gay could somehow interfere with their earning capacity. Although it generally does not, some men are rather sensitive on this subject so they should make it very clear at the beginning whether they will undertake this work or not.

Finally, this is a warning for those who want to get into this trade and who may not know where to start. Finding a company which will represent them is not that difficult. However, finding someone who is a professional and is not out to make money from them and who has contacts in all departments is imperative if disaster is not to strike.

There are those who charge to be registered, charge for �books� of photos and claim to find them work. However, some companies are just interested in making a fast buck and will charge for all these services even before the individual has made a cent. These should be avoided at all costs.

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