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Finding Employment With a Temp Agency

Adriana Notton

Employment can be found by working for a temp agency. When between jobs and out of work, they may be the best option. A college student may use one during the summer or during a break. The work may be sporadic or steady. An assignment can be as little as one day or up to a year. It can also lead to permanent placement with a company.

Temp agencies are often looking for people to fill positions when companies are otherwise not looking for anyone new. These positions are typically not found in the classified, online or on message boards. Agencies may occasionally place an ad to get in more recruits.

They also do permanent recruitment. A company will keep a temporary worker if they do their job well. Its a cheaper way to train and employ someone because benefits are never part of the package. The agency is the employer and is responsible for finding the employee, interviewing, hiring and doing the background checks necessary. They will be responsible for the payroll, taxes and insurance. All of these bear an expense the company will not have to pay for someone who may or not be right for the job.

There are placement agencies that specialize in one kind of employment or some in multiple types. There are those that handle construction and labor jobs. Others handle just accounting positions, or administrative and clerical positions. There is a company for those who are computer trained in data administration, information technology or information security, the same for corporate executives.

HR recruiting firms look for talented people wherever they may be. This is true even if the person is currently employed. It is their job to convince the person to accept a new position. A company gives them description of what they need in a worker for an open position. The recruiter may also help with temporary workers.

Employment agencies normally recruit people for permanent placement but they may also have temporary positions so they should be considered as well. Like temporary agencies it is possible that they do several types of employment. It can be direct hire, temp to hire, contract work or temporary. If the final goal is permanent employment it may be better to contact a company that has that as their primary goal.

Temporary work is a great way to add to current skills. If there is a skill set or software set that is missing many agencies will assist in learning new software. This is to the advantage of both the worker and the agency. They get a more skilled set of employees which benefits their clients.

If boredom is an issue with working, a temp agency is a great way to alleviate it. A new job every so often will keep the boredom away. There is a new environment with new people every time. The job will change and the level of responsibility may also change. More experience can be gained with each job and along with more contacts. Networking may gain permanent placement when available.

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