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Is Your Resume Lagging You Behind?

Bryan Goldberg

Many people mention that they keep sending there resumes to different employers but don�t get a healthy response. Their statements go like �I know the job market is baffling but still I have not received any reply.�, �I try to give as much concentration to the details but I�m not getting any response.� and other similar failures.

These statements are not new to us; we get plenty of these every day. What is going wrong? People think that they are trying hard and trying the right way, the way it should be, but they don�t realize that they are under their own assumption. They think that they are fulfilling the requirement what is asked or what is important without realizing that what will be the effect of what ever they are doing on the reader�s mind. This is the catch that most of the people don�t realize and as a result their C.V is not given the due attention as it deserves.

Why is that happening? It happens because people still don�t know the difference between writing and effective writing.

Writing simply shows words. It is a combination of words and sentences showing a story or given any information whereas writing effectively is different because it tends to produce the required effect on the peoples mind and this is what is needed while trying to write effectively.

How to do this? As we all know that doing something is the toughest part of any plan. This is especially true for resume writing. A resume is a marketing pamphlet. Therefore it is very important that it must be crafted not just written. It is like an art which is not learnt quickly and needs referring to other resources like model resume or asking someone who knows how to jot up your details in a CV.

Here are few tips that may help to get the job done effectively:

Is your resume eye catching? Take a look at the internet and see the examples there. Is your resume close to them? That does not mean that you should add or insert some fancy graphics or pictures that means that, is the resume you have written similar in terms of layout, format and design? If not than you should reconsider writing it and adapt few things from the other model.

Is the resume efficient? Writing good is not all about writing professionally but also about writing efficiently. Remember that your resume may be in a pile of 300 other resume and it has to compete with their credentials so it better be efficient and make its reader believe that you are the one he is looking for.

Sell your self efficiently. Many people don�t mention their achievements and the details of their job duties. Your achievements are something that the reader is interested in because they show your capabilities.

Be relevant, highlight your skills the most and let the world what you are capable of doing Represent your case as being compelling to the firm. Mention how can you be so important that you MUST be selected.

Now, do you see anything in common to your CV and the above mentioned points?

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