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Physician Specialist Salary

Ronny Abraham, M.D.

A physician may choose his or her branch of medicine long before graduating from medical school. He or she may decide to become a specialist. With many different avenues to choose from, choosing a specific field of specialty medicine can easily become a daunting experience. The physician's job description is ever changing and evolving. We will address a few of the many different roles a specialist might play in medicine, as well as the average national salary for each specialty.


Arguably one of medicine's most stressful specialties, an anesthesiologist is the specialist that is directly responsible for the well being of the patient through prep, surgery, as well as recovery. It's the job of the anesthesiologist to administer and maintain the medications associated with anesthesia and to properly monitor the patient's vitals during surgery while under anesthesia. An average American anesthesiologist salary is $150,000-$300,000 annually.


Cardiovascular disease, other wise known as the 'silent killer', is the leading cause of death in both men and women of all racial backgrounds in the United States of America. America's obesity epidemic has brought recent local and national attention back to the subject of cardiovascular disease. A specialist, known as cardiologist, treats the cardiovascular system including the heart, the arteries, and the veins. The average annual salary of a cardiologist is approximately $250,000 - $280,000.


A dermatologist is a specialist who treats conditions relating to the skin such as acne, rashes, or burns, just to name a few. An attractive specialty in that the dermatologist does not typically treat 'skin emergencies' after hours, so therefore the physician's commitment to after-hours care is virtually non-existent. The average annual salary of a dermatologist is about $150,000 - $418,000.

Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine can be exciting, fast paced, challenging, and rewarding. An emergency medical physician evaluates and treats patients with sudden or expected injury or illness. Often glamorized by television production, the role of the emergency medical physician is one of great concentration, skill, and responsibility. If you are the kind of person that works well under stress, emergency medicine may be the perfect physician job for you. Emergency medical physicians stand make a salary of $150,000 - $200,000 per year.


A neonatologist is a specialist that treats and cares for infants under the age of six weeks old. The neonatologist focuses on the many ailments and injuries that can affect an infant before the sixth week of his or her life. Typically, their salary ranges between $220,000 - $250,000 annually.


A neurologist treats diseases involving, or directly related to, the nervous system. Treating afflictions of the brain and spinal cord, a neurologist treats patients who have suffered strokes, brain injuries, or who may suffer from epilepsy. The role of the neurologist is a high salary career, and offers one of the countries best paying physician jobs. A physician in this field could earn a salary upwards of $460,00 per year.


A gynecologist is a physician who specifically treats conditions of the female reproductive system. Obstetrics is the study of the female reproductive organs during and after the birth of a child. Sometimes referred to as the 'baby doctor', the gynecologist will assist in the delivery of the patient's newborn baby. An American gynecologist's salary ranges between $225,000 - $250,000 per year. When deciding to study specialty medicine, it is important to remember that each branch of medicine is governed by a different set of prequalification standards. These standards may require an additional or extended course of study. A cardiologist, for example, must have a 3-year cardiology fellowship after completing a 3-year residency in internal medicine. A bit of research into your interests will help you to best understand what is required for your chosen field.

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