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Retire Even Before You Hit Fifty

Nelson Berry

Seriously why wait until you turn 60 when you can already retire 10 years before? Waiting for a decade more only means more hours of labor, and when you�re old, you really don�t need that stress in your life.

But how do you do that? Here are some tips:

Plan ahead. If you want to retire 10 years prior, then you have to be fully prepared for it. Keep in mind that most probably you still have 20 more years in your life. It�s a score of a potentially �no work, no pay� living.

The first thing you need to know is how to make money when you retire. If you have been frugal and wise enough to invest, you don�t have to exert a lot of effort in looking for ways to earn.

But just in case you don�t have any investment and have accumulated only a small amount of savings, fifty is the best age to start a business. As long as you manage it quite well, it can sustain itself within five years.

Don�t go for easy money or fast money. There�s no such thing. Otherwise, it�s a scam. Invest your funds on low-risk but long-term investments such as mutual money, bond money, and stock money. Though you don�t earn gazillions every year, the income is steady.

Create a savings account. If you�re planning to retire at 50, then it�s mandatory to put up an amount for savings every month. Moreover, find banks that offer high interest rates on savings. You can also create a time deposit account, wherein you cannot access your money over a period of time.

Live within your means. Do you know that in order to live well in the future, you need to spend just half of your income today? The rest should go to savings and investments. That�s difficult to do, so try to think about getting a higher-paying job or managing two. Better yet, don�t spend on things you don�t really need. Whatever extra money you have, you put it away as savings.

Invest on a retirement scheme. There�s a chance your company has its own retirement plan. You can invest the maximum amount in a 401(1K) insurance plan and in the IRA. Though you don�t get to enjoy high income today, you will earn a lot later as interest is compounded.

Pay off your debts. Pay your debts promptly to avoid paying penalties or getting slapped with a much higher interest rate. Most of all, as much as possible, clear off your debts before you retire.

Learn to visualize. Visualization allows you to have a clearer idea of your goals. It also motivates you when you feel you cannot accomplish your dream, which is to retire early.

You can also make visualization more effective by a using subliminal message video download. You can watch a series of affirmations, shown as texts and images, over and over until they get into your subconscious. Whenever you visualize, you can tap into these affirmations to create a more positive mind-set.

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