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One-page Resumes Are Magical

Cindy A Smith

When a college student finally graduates and enters the world of employment and work, he gets very many suggestions and advices from almost every one who could have a say in this. His family, campus seniors, professors, advisors, batch mates etc. every one puts forward their job and finding employment experiences so that the young graduate may get familiar with the market trends and its setup.

However, you would find most of the suggestion-givers to be talking wisely and maturely about which companies to approach and how to prepare yourself for an interview. There is no conflict in the opinion about the significance of such things as they are utterly important to bag some decent job opportunities. But the prime thing that is usually taken for granted is �the resume�.

Why a resume holds such kind of significance in job grabbing process? Well, if you study the scenario closely, you would find that your resume is literally the first thing that your employer would get related to you. How can one ignore its importance? You�ve surely heard of the phrase about how first impression works. They are the ones that last for long. Your resume is like your proxy as it represents you in front of the recruiter when you are absent.

Now that we are discussing the importance and role that a resume strictly plays, one should know the exact length and format that it should follow. If I give you an insight about my own experience, I myself had a lengthy resume that is two pages long before I realized that such resumes do not carry the potential to attract its employers. The prime thing to know when you write a resume is its length. One page resumes are found to have the actual strength and potential to represent you in the desired professional way.

The best quality that a resume can hold is its preciseness. Lengthy and complicated resume never serve the purpose. They leave your recruiter bewildered and waste a lot of time. A one-page precise resume gives the impression to its hiring agent that the individual understands that employer�s time is precious and has designed a resume so that it wouldn�t eat much of his time to gather if this is the perfect match for this job opening. It is understandable that the recruiters hardly have a minute for every resume that they get on their desks every day to evaluate the correct potential and skills of the candidate. They hardly take around 20 to 30 seconds to scan a resume quickly and examine. One page resumes are rightly fit and can be well over viewed in the given time frame. If your resume is two or three pages long, the chances are that your recruiter may leave it after reading first page of your resume. Short and up to the mark resumes also identify and highlight the skills and attributes of a candidate in a more effective way. Since they are only one page long, they give the employer enough time to scan every skill and past experience in one look instead of the lengthy ones where the employer never gets enough time to scan it thoroughly.

It is important for a candidate to understand the market trends before entering the world of employment and one page resumes are definitely a wise tool to bag a good job.

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