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How to Get Your Dream Job

Stewart Wrighter

Most kids have a dream job when they are little. They like to pretend and live out their fantasy by imagining they are astronauts, doctors, and so on. Some kids sit in their rooms playing vet for their stuffed animals. They take care of their sick teddy bears and wrap their tigers in band aids. Other kids may consider jobs in cna and wear their mom�s business shoes around the house while pretending to be in charge of a big business. Other may cut their Barbie�s hair, practicing to be a hairstylist. Maybe they dream of caregiver jobs and take care of their sick dolls. Whatever it is the kids dream, it should not be just a dream. Anyone can get their dream job if they work hard enough. Too many people give up on their dreams and do not reach for the stars. With the help of the right college, ambition and a dream anyone could be whatever they want to be.

The biggest factor in reaching ones dreams is staying on the right track. The key is to get a good education. One should work hard at getting into the right college and getting whatever diploma it is they need. Do the research and find out which colleges have the best programs for whatever it is that you are interested in. Some college offer five-year plans for people majoring in certain areas such as engineering which would get you out with a master�s degree much faster than some. Working hard and diligently in college will really pay off. Getting a good education will help you in doing your best at your dream job. Employers might see that you did well in college and really be impressed.

When going to college and looking for that dream job it is important to stay determined. It is easy to lose hope and not work as hard. College is fun, yes but do not let it distract you. Finding the perfect balance between fun and hard work may be the biggest challenge you face while at college. The truth is that no one can tell you what to do, but you will have to find it out by yourself. By all means, have a good time and enjoy your college experience. Just do not get too wrapped up in living the fun life and forget your responsibilities. Luckily, college is full of people just like you, so everyone will have to find the balance as well. Stick with your goal and you will get there.

Once you get out of college you might face another challenge, which is actually obtaining a job. The job market is very competitive lately, so you may have to be diligent. Do not be discouraged if you have to work a stepping stone job for a few years before you get your big break. Rome was not built in a day and your dream job might not come to you as expected. As they say, good things come to those who wait.

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