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Few Resume Skills Potential Employers Require

Bryan Goldberg

Since the world is running ahead with full speed all thanks to latest technology, there are some new resume skills which should not be ignored. If you take a peek at past recent years few computer skills like ability in utilizing MS-office, fast typing speed and other computer related skills were required by employers as a plus point but nowadays these skills have been required as basic skills. Now employer wants these skills in every candidate who is applying for the job. Let us take a look at some new required skills

Good communication Skills: Nowadays people have become more kind of an anti-social because they spend most of their time in front of their computers on social networking or social media websites. Due to this their interpersonal skills have become dull, remember that interaction through internet is not enough, if you want to get a job you have to show the employer that you have good social skills as well. If you have earned experience in customer care service, as an instructor in any institute, team player in any company or have management skills then certainly go ahead and mention such experience in your resume. Potential employers need people who can interact well with their peers or team members.

Social networking skills: Of course if a person has good interpersonal skills then having good social networking skills is natural. Even if you don�t know about it you can learn it quite easy because it takes only few clicks to learn it. This skill let your employer knows that the candidate is up to date with the latest technology. But be ware never include links of your face book page which has your social life info and pictures of you and your friends or family and even don�t include twitter page link where you update only useless links, the employer surely doesn�t want to see it. Apart from your social life page set up a professional page which you can show on your resume such as Linkdin�s page.

Bilingual and bi-cultural ability: Ability of speaking more than one tongue is nowadays added as a plus in the resume writing. Bilingual skills are very necessary especially if you are planning to work abroad so, add this skill in the C.V even if it is not asked by the employer. Having bi-cultural skills add more bonus to your employment chances especially for abroad jobs. It is great if you understand things about the concerned countries culture and respect them.

Leadership skills: As management people say that �leaders are born not made�, having these skills boost the worth of the candidate before the prospective recruiter. It has been seen that many organizations are now training their every candidate management and leadership skills.

Extra skills: There are lots of jobs nowadays who expect advance skills from the candidates. Having knowledge of SEO, familiarity with smart phones and related application is now being seen as potential skills. The future of desktop computers seems very vague now owing to the fact that all the latest and modern technologies are molded into smaller gadgets. If you posses expertise on such skills then by all means let the recruiter know about it.

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