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Deciding to Choose Careers in Dentistry


There are plenty of careers in dentistry to choose from and you don't even have to deal with teeth. You can work behind a desk as an administrative assistant, you can work as an x-ray technician, you can choose to be a dentist if that's what you want, a dentist assistant, or you can even be a surgeon. It is highly important that you do research on each one of these fields because this is your career. You want to pick something that you can see yourself doing until you retire.

Working as an administrative assistant you'll be taking calls from people wanting to schedule an appointment so you have to be able to work the phone system as well as being on the computer to see what you have available. You would even want to build repor with the patient while you're looking up the information so their won't be any awkward silences.

You'll also be dealing with patients and new patients as well by giving them paperwork to fill out. Being an administrative assistant means you may have to get an associates or bachelors or even a masters degree in business administration to get the best job.

If you don't feel like going through or paying for that much schooling, you could also be an x-ray technician. What they do is they take the pictures of your teeth and have to tell you to turn your head a certain way so they can get the best pictures. To be an x-ray technician, does not require that much schooling. It does require you to do at least nine months of training so you could be in your career and graduated from the program in less than a year.

You may choose to decide that you want to be a dentist but you have to realize that being a dentist involves dealing with teeth all day long and maybe a little blood here and there. Your hands will always be in someone else's mouth so after each patient you want to wash your hands real well. Even though you'll have gloves on, you always want to make sure that you're washing your hands really well. If this is something you really want to do, you will have to check on specific schools that might be perfect for dentistry.

If you think maybe being a dentist is not for you because you don't want to have your hands in someone else's mouth, which is fine because you could be a dentist assistant. It may not be the most glamorous job because all you do is do things for the dentist like handles the tools that he needs and to help him out in anyway you can.

Being a surgeon may require going to medical school for eight years because it's kind of like a doctor but you're dealing with teeth. As a surgeon you'll be performing operations like root canals, or any other surgical procedures.

Obviously their are quite a few careers in dentistry that you could choose from other than dealing with teeth. You could make a lot of money getting into dentistry and it would also be something you would love to do. You have to do some research and pick which one you think would be the perfect career for you. You want to do that before you decide on which school you want to go to.

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