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Is Your Resume Too Cluttered?

Bryan Goldberg

Most job seekers make a common mistake of not updating their resume correctly. It is often observed that job seekers searching for a new job will simply take their most recent resume and add the details of their latest position.

This can easily become a habit which leads to a very long and boring read for hiring managers. Plus, your resume can also become cluttered if you do not edit or delete outdated information. Here are some tips to make your potential employer interested into your resume while evaluating your qualifications and experiences.

Identify your goals and keep your resume relevant:

Many job seekers are not focused on what they really want from a position or even what position they are interested in for that matter. For this reason, determining your goal ahead of time s important as it will allow you to stay focused. As a result, it also becomes easier to write your resume around your goal. In case, you have more than one goal, you need to create more than one resume for each one.

Maintain your focus on your accomplishments:

It is important that resume is focused on your accomplishments rather than your duties. Your potential employer is more interested in how you made a difference in the past, rather than what you were required to do. Also remember to keep your skills in a short summarized section. This summing up allows you to keep something to discuss during an interview.

Furthermore, while pointing out your accomplishments you should also quantify any exceptional events. Keeping your accomplishments general can be ignored easily.

Avoid the self-centered, general objective statement:

Hiring managers and potential employers are not interested in what you are looking for. Rather, they want to read what you can do for them and their company. For this reason, immediately grab their attention and stay focused on the employer instead of you.

For instance, instead of writing �Highly qualified professional with over ten years of significant experience seeking a position with an innovative organization.� you should write �Customer centered professional offering more than ten years of experience in a fast-paced environment seeking a management position in the airline industry.�

Keep you education up-to-date:

It is highly important that you keep your education current. A recent graduate may put when he or she received high school diploma, internships, and honors. However, if you have been employed for a few years, it is better to remove information of your high school and only list the degree(s) you hold and when you received them.

Make a customize resume for every position:

Sending one generic resume to every job opportunity is a career suicide. Every time you apply for a job, you should recreate the resume to fit that position; in the same manner you do your cover letter.

It is very effective to think like the employer while creating your resume. Every time you send your resume remember to address what you have accomplished in the past, how it will benefit your potential employer; and how you can put these things into action and duplicate your past successes.

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