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How to Get Hired


One of the most frightening and intimidating things in life is the prospect of the dreaded job interview. In fact, many people can find the experience so painful that they actually sabotage themselves in the process. However, getting hired doesn�t have to be quite so nerve-wracking.

While job interviews can certainly seem daunting, there are some tips that can help to increase your chances of landing the job you want. Some of these are common sense, others a little more obscure, but all of them are worthy of some attention.

The most important tips for getting hired are also the best known, and the most overlooked when it comes to preparing for a job interview. First, be on time for every job interview. Arriving ten minutes early is probably a good idea as well. However, don�t show up an hour before your scheduled interview. You don�t want to appear too anxious before you even sit down with your prospective employer.

Dress appropriately for the interview. This means knowing what kind of dress is acceptable for employees. You don�t want to show up in jeans when the dress code is business casual. Similarly, a suit and tie are out of place on a loading dock. Take the time to pick your attire carefully.

Bring a copy of your r�sum� with you, even if you sent one in with your application. It�s considerate, saving your prospective employer the time of having to possibly sort through papers to find their own copy. It might just help him or her in remembering you.

Be prepared with at least one question about the company�s future. This might take a little time and research, but it is just one more thing you can do to help you stick out in a prospective employer�s mind.

Try to remember that everyone is nervous during a job interview. The trick is not to appear nervous. Speak slowly and clearly, and do your best to appear calm and collected. If it helps, count to three in your head before answering any question. This will help you to make sure that you have your thoughts in order.

Do not mention salary in the interview. There�s time enough for that if you�re actually offered the job. Keep your mind and questions on the subject of what you can offer to the company, your skills and abilities, and as far away from money as possible. The only exception to this is if the employer chooses to discuss potential earnings.

At the end of the interview, shake the employer�s hand and say something to imply that you truly want the position. It can be as simple as, �Thank you for your time; I hope you will consider me for this position.� Taking a moment to actually ask for the job dramatically increases your chances of getting hired.

Following these simple, yet important tips can help to make you stand out from the crowd. Leaving a prospective employer with a positive impression of you and your abilities is the best way to increase your chances of being hired for the position you seek.

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