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Questions & Answers For Employment Telephone Interviews

Tom I Stables

In the search to save money and time, some employment agencies, firms and companies are using �Telephone Job Screening Interviews� as a standard and accepted job screening method. If you�re expecting have a phone interview, prepare yourself by asking one of your friends to act as the interviewer and help you practice your answers by asking you common interview questions.

If you submitted applications to employment agencies and companies then you should expect to get a call from them anytime. Hence you must be ready to handle an interview from a phone interviewer. Make sure that your outgoing voicemail message is businesslike and will state your name and phone number. Also, see to it that your housemates are aware on how to receive phone calls professionally and knows how to take messages if necessary. Return calls right away and be ready to be interviewed immediately or leave a message indicating your contact information and availability.

There are some things that one must observe in order to ace a telephone interview. This article will give you some advices that you can use to prepare for a phone interview.

First thing that you must do is be ready to undergo an interview any time and on the spot. Post a copy of your resume and short script in your house so that you can access, read and refer to it quickly. Carry paper and pen/s so you can instantly write down names and contact numbers. Always make sure that you keep a log of all your calls and move this and the contact information together with the phone notes to your notes that you can save in your computer so they can easily be searched, remembered and recorded. In addition, if you need to move to a place that is quiet and free from loud background noises, politely ask your interviewer to hold the call for a brief moment.

During the interview process, focus the call on your reason why you wish to work on the said company or organization. Be sure that you completely understand the company�s services, marketplace, business practices, developments and philosophies.

Remember to be polite, friendly and professional at all times. It would be best if you will not attempt to take control over the conversation. Allow the interviewer to lead the conversation but do not be shy to raise your questions as well.

Keep a posture and pose as if the person you are speaking with over the phone is really standing in front of you and interviewing you at that specific moment. Stand straight, smile and directly speak to the telephone�s mouthpiece when talking. Through this, your voice will have more energy and will sound more pleasing. Do not chew a gum, eat or smoke while talking on the phone.

Be mindful of the yes and no answers. These answers do not give real information or explain your abilities. Likewise be factual in your queries. It is necessary to be brief but thorough. Same thing goes if you need more time to think about the question or questions, it would be best to refrain using repetitive phrases to �buy time�. It is not wrong to say �I need some time to think about that.�

Lastly, during the interview summary, inquire about what the next processes are. Inform the interviewer that you are available at his convenient time.

These are some of the tips to handle and help you pass telephone interviews. Remember to be always ready to take a call once you have submitted an application.

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