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Getting a job as a SAP FI/CO specialist or consultant

SAP is one of the largest software companies that offer business solutions. The abbreviation comes from Systems, Applications, and Products. SAP's courses are structured containing various modules, which offer solutions based on business processes. SAP FI/CO is one of these modules and stands for Financials and Controlling Configuration. The software package is quite complex and, because of its usefulness, many business companies are currently looking to hire specialists.

What is SAP FI/CO for?

Thanks to the SAP FI/CO modules, both managers and accountants working with SAP can observe the financial situation of the company faster than with any other software system. SAP FI/CO can help any company get the best planning solutions. It is now used, instead of other systems, for real time reviews of the company's financial situation, without waiting for updates. To monitor the inside operations by planning and creating reports, to offer solutions to accounting requirements, the SAP FI/CO module is most helpful.

What does the Internet say about job offers in this field of work? Making an online research about getting hired as a SAP FI/CO specialist or SAP FI/CO consultant, one can notice some requirements have to be fulfilled.

The purpose of a SAP FI/CO specialist is to configure SAP, analyze certain issues and translate into SAP functionality. Coordination and advisory skills are necessary for teamwork. A SAP FI/CO specialist should have even more than the following responsibilities. He should be able to conduct an object-oriented analysis, design and develop specifications, make research on technical problems and implement software.

You may say: "ok I can assume the responsibility of a SAP FI/CO specialist!" Unfortunately, this is not all that is asked of you. Experience weights a lot when considering IT jobs. The employer usually asks for at least 2 to 6 years of experience in the offered job and extra years of experience in working with development techniques and system design. The SAP FI/CO future employee has to have a degree. The truth is it's quite difficult to get a job unless you have a 4-year degree or one of some other kind (like the Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Accounting). A major in a related field is an extra advantage in comparison with other SAP FI/CO candidates.

How about competencies and skills?

If you have those also, then the job is almost surely yours. A SAP FI/CO specialist has to have oral and written communication skills and be able to work in a team. These are a must in any job, and so are the following: flexibility, initiative, reliability, attention to detail, capability to solve problems and make decisions and professionalism. The skills of a SAP FI/CO specialist or consultant regard the use of the FI & CO modules. A configuration of the SAP modules including CCA, CO-PA, PCA and Product Costing, FI-GL, AP, AR, AA, OM, PS, MM-IV, MM-IM is demanded of the SAP FI/CO consultant or specialist. Of course, the financial background is vital and working with other systems like ORACLE or PEOPLE SOFT can be relevant to your hiring.

Is the effort worthwhile?

Most definitely. The salary will be rewarding and you may get to travel also. Internet job ads related to IT skills are posted everyday and statistics show that, in the last 6 months, most of them included the �SAP FI/CO term. The figures also show that most employers seek employees with many SAP skills. The percentage of posted ads regarding SAP FI/CO proves that people are demanded to work in this field. As the efforts to fulfill all employers demands are quite big, the remuneration is rewarding also. The working environment is a pleasant one and travel opportunities are quite often presented (they are sometimes mentioned in the job offers). So, the effort is worthwhile.

The employees and the tools they use give the success of a company. SAP FI/CO has proven itself as a powerful tool, so the only variable left for a perfect result is the person who will be working with you.