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Resumes Don�t Win Job Offers, Only Interviews Do

Bryan Goldberg

No wonder a resume can help in you in reaching an interview desk. A well written and well planned resume is very important and essential when one wants to get himself a job, but then again a resume�s work gets over once you reach to the hiring manager now they are your interview skills that can actually get you the job. A resume for sure builds a first impression for you but to maintain your that good first impression you to be as good in your interview as you were pictured in your resume. A hiring manager will never ever hire you only on the basis of your resume. To impress an employer enough so that he let you in a person has to do extremely good at the interview too.

A mere piece of paper which undoubtedly is prepared to show cases all your abilities and achievements will never win you a job. An employer also observes your personality, communication skills and conduct before he finalizes anything. He makes sure you are flexible enough to fit in the work environment before he hires you.

Apart from being analyzed, interview is also your chance to analyze the company. Since a recruiter can�t decide about you merely by reading your resume in the same way you can judge a work environment simply by reading the job posting. An interview is also your chance to get to know about the company and people you would be working with.

Normally everyone tries to jot down everything and anything he feels is important and relevant for getting the job in his resume but then again theses hiring managers have the habit of asking you about things you have already mentioned in your resume. This is you time to prove yourself, never tell them their required info is already mentioned in your resume. On the hand grab the chance to tell about yourself in more detail than you have already mentioned in your resume. You can�t write everything in your resume especially your past experiences, now when an employer asks you about your work experience don�t hesitate just because you have already written that in resume in spite of that tells the employer in detail about your experience, your abilities and accomplishments.

Your resume can come in handy when you tell something to your interviewer and make a reference from your resume in this way your interviewer will always remember what you said whenever he will again look back into your resume, you can use your resume while your interview for example for the answer of a question let�s say the question is that what is your one achievement that makes you proud of yourself. To answer this question you might say �as you may see in resume I have mentioned that I have been a desirable change agent who can manage and make sure the smooth functioning of remunerative retail companies. For an example I can tell you about a time I with my hard work turned the whole previous scenario of our company�s low efficiency level and mal production by guiding regional manager to change his mediocre strategies to modern techniques and approaches.

This included putting in practice the change-management solutions that centered on setting standards and evaluating results to achieve soaring performance levels.� By expanding on the point you mention in your resume while you give interview, you are allowing background and solid details that will fascinate the interviewer.

Interview and resume both have to be exceptionally good to achieve your desired job. Loop holes in any one of them can cause you trouble and problems in your job hunt.

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