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What Makes Nursing an Attractive Career Option

Marilyn Fay Morrison

Over the past decade, one can't deny the popularity of being a nurse as a career option. With the increased number of hospitals and the rapid growth concerning the health care sector, the demand for registered nurses across many different specialization have increased in an astounding rate. It has truly become one of the most coveted profession. It is hard to argue with the fact that nursing has become one of the most important job in the industry of health care. What makes such career option to be popular is the fact that it does have an attractive salary. An average salary of a registered nurse can range from $35,000 - $62,000 annually, depending on experience and the state they are working in. And the rate is even better if a nurse has a specialization.

Aside from the obvious financial gain, what other factors makes the job of a nurse that satisfying? One of the most common motivation for a nurse is the fact that the job can be emotionally satisfying. They get to serve many ill people, and once they get better you can't help but feel pride and joy seeing that you are partly responsible for his or her recovery. And part of what makes a nurse's job satisfying is the social aspect of it. You get to interact with all sorts of personalities and that becomes a powerful learning experience. As long as an individual loves his or her job as a nurse, then there is no reason not to be satisfied with it.

Perhaps another factor of what makes nursing such an attractive career option is the fact that it is a very stable job. The financial market can be quite a roller coaster sometime, but with all the ups and downs that are taking place in the financial world, it can hardly affect the job of nurses. As we approach a more technologically advanced era, people have been making changes to their lifestyle. And it also means that it is getting worse for our environment. And because of this, health related problems are continuing in an upward trend, so the demand for nurse will always be present. In other words, recession and all sorts of financial crisis will not affect a nursing job, because as sad as it may sound, the world is getting sicker every day. Aside from a stable job, a nurse will find that he or she have many opportunities to advance his or her career. With many years of experience, a nurse can easily attain a high-ranking position in any hospital.

Yes, being a nurse is clearly a very attractive option. But like most other jobs, you must have the passion for it in order to be successful. If you are not motivated to help people or if you swear in your life that you will never get near any blood again, then maybe nursing as a profession is not for you. To those who wish to engage in the field of nursing must be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally. The job entails great responsibility that requires great dedication and devotion.

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