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Resume Magic to Hide Resume Flaws

Bryan Goldberg

If you are searching for a job, you should have a flawless resume. Any weakness in your resume will screw up your chances of securing a job. Even if you are not a graduate, or lack experience, a little sprinkle of resume magic will hide your weaknesses. Here are a few tips to devise a resume that resonates with HR department.

Format is the Key

You are not working for the past half year. Avoid highlighting such details. Your resume should reflect your strengths. You should divert attention from your experience. The emphasis should be on your skills and the key to do that is make subtle adjustments to the format. Your abilities should be followed by your experience. The resume should be more skill oriented rather than concentrating on your experience.

Types of Resume

There are three main types of resume formats: Functional, chronological, combination. The chronological format is lethal for job selection if you have inadequate work experience. This format exposes your limited work experience or your unemployment periods.

The other two formats are ideal for you if you have insufficient work experience.

A functional resume is designed in a manner so as to display your skills above your experience. It presents you according to your abilities. For example, if you are a typist, you could title yourself as �Typist� and mention your typing speed and your proficiency with various word processing applications. However, it does not reflect how or from where you achieved these skills and raises questions in the minds of employers and ultimately reduce your chances of getting an interview.

The remedy to this problem is the last type i.e. Combination Resume. It blends the properties of both the functional and chronological resumes by mentioning your abilities and your experience. The trick here is that your skills are stated above your experience, so as to show the employer your skills and the source from where you obtained them. The presentation still has a chronological look to it, but your skills are more highlighted and your work history goes in the background. Your strengths come to the fore, and your weaknesses are partially masked.

How to stand out from the Crowd

Analyze yourself and try to configure what is different about you from the rest. If you have any special qualities, discuss them in your resume. Whether you fried chips, or filed documents, you must have some specialties. What impact you made at places you previously worked? State in detail all your accomplishments and distinctions.

Can you fix an electronic gadget? Are you able to speak multiple languages? Have you worked at far off places? Have you ever solved labor related disputes? These are all qualities that make your resume potent. If you are internet savvy, and can browse virtually anything, mention it in your resume. Do you have the gift of gab? Are you a good negotiator? There are many ways to demonstrate your uniqueness.

If you don�t have a college degree, don�t worry about it. Mention your results in subjects where you got good grades. How you fared in school science projects? State all these in detail.

Even if you have little work experience or little education, you can still get a job with a magic resume.

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