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Green Jobs For Women

Christine Dunbar

In today's growing world, there are more women turning to green jobs. Any job that helps the environment is an excellent job choice. As with other science oriented job positions, most green jobs are male dominated. However, more women are choosing science degrees for their career.

Most green job positions pay thousands more per year than other professions. More women are considering their abilities as an excellent fit for the environmental field positions. Most of the job positions available in the green field come from top government agencies, or fortune 500 companies. These places tend to focus more toward using natural items found in the environment, to help "fuel" our world!

By helping to clean up the environment, we are said to help the planet survive longer than it is predicted to do so. Green jobs also help to control the global warming of our planet, which is a real issue that scientist have found. One report had stated that if 26% of all of the American's energy were being produced from some type of renewable sources, that by 2025 we would have generated at least 5 million new green jobs for women.

Some of the newest jobs that are typically hiring consist of: Wind Program Integrator, Regional Sales Manager positions Regional/Business Development Directors, Electrical Microgrid Engineers, Grid & Dispatchable Power Engineers and many more! Most of these jobs pay between $80,000.00 to $125,500.00 a year. These jobs are not only available in North America, but are also available over seas as well.

Many colleges have classes that pertain just to green type jobs for women. Most of these training classes are available for a minimal or no charge. This is in an effort to assist women in obtaining a green job position. These training classes also give women more information on what exactly the pay of a green job is, and how they would go about applying for this type of job position.

In many states, such as Oregon there are perks to green jobs for women. These include the GSA Grant. This grant includes paying for schooling and training. It also helps to establish employment opportunities for women who complete the green construction methods training through that specific school. These newly trained women will then be placed at the jobs that are renovating government buildings to bring them up to energy efficiency standards. They also offer classes that will show how to make buildings more environmentally friendly to everyone.

Colorado is also another excellent example of a state that is going green! The Alliance for Sustainable Colorado has created a "Green Jobs Pipeline for Women in Colorado". In Colorado they are designing many different outreach and recruitment models to increase the number of women aware of green employment. This also promises to give them the specific skills needed to prepare for a green career.

When choosing a career, a green job helps not only you and your family but can help the environment as well.

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