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Understanding Careers That Require Continuing Education

Stewart Wrighter

If you are in the process of making a career choice or thinking about a career change, there are a lot of things to consider. You need to find an option that will provide you with enough income to pay your bills and support your family. Ideally, you will choose a career that is fulfilling and brings you some happiness, even if you experience occasional boredom or burn out. Finally, you must find something you are willing to commit to, especially if you opt for something that requires continuing education. Some people work in environments where you have the occasional meeting or consultant came in to give you tips on performing better. But there are other jobs that require a day or more each year of continuing education. These fields require greater commitment because you must continue to learn and grow as your profession changes. Scottsdale jobs in CNA, San Diego jobs in CNA and a variety of other medical careers which require continuing education, as do many other positions.

Teaching is another field in which you will need continuing education. Typically, states set up requirements and teachers must show proof of their classes or workshops to continue to teach in the classroom. Schools often schedule continuing education so the teachers in their building are able to get their continuing education credit all at once. If you are a parent and notice your child is off for an in-service day, this is probably your children teachers get continuing education.

Similar to teaching is the childcare field. While childcare providers may not need as much continuing education as teachers, they are still required to turn in a certain number of hours or credits each year. Again, the state regulations vary from one state to another but most require that childcare providers stay up to date with theories, lessons, safety issues and discipline techniques. Continuing education is also a great way to feel rejuvenated about your work and go back into the classroom or learning environment with a renewed attitude and spirit.

Sometimes, sales positions require continuing education. There are typically no government regulations, but your company may require you stay up to date with sales techniques and information about your product. Your employers will more than likely pay for this continued training because it will help you on the sales floor, ultimately making them more money.

Regardless of your profession and its requirements, continuing education is a good idea. Those who are self-employed should seek out opportunities to continue to grow so their business is more successful. Even those who do not work to earn a living and spend their time caring for their children can benefit from continuing education. If you are employed and you think continuing education may benefit you and your success, consider speaking to your employer about opportunities. Chances are; they will be happy to hear you are eager to grow and learn as an employee. Those who are not employees should look into the benefits of enrolling in continuing education on their own.

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