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Understanding the Role of Recruitment Agencies

Pete Malcolm

Recruitment agencies are the proverbial middleman. What they essentially do is place you, the job seeker, directly into the hands of companies with job vacancies. The key aspect here is that they, like any business, make money in the process. It�s a typical market-company pairing, one that perhaps may not exist unless the recruitment agency knocks on a few doors. While there is a growing train of thought that they are not necessary with today�s modern open forms of communication, some feel one can find any available job without the need to give compensation to a middle man so to speak. There are even web sites dedicated to posting available positions from a plethora of organizations.

Now the question most people are asking is, why not go straight to the organization yourself? Well, you could, but bear in mind that recruitment agencies have already carved out a relationship with these organizations, where they essentially do all the work. So barging into some company, uninvited, can sometimes lead you to a brick wall while even getting a hold of the right person to drop your resume off with can be a difficult task. Staff recruitment is an elaborate industry; most companies today are using agencies even in high-up-the-ladder executive searches. Many people are not too crazy about the fee charged by recruitment agencies, but when you put it in perspective, if they can directly link you to desirable companies, and then I say it's worth the quid.

Now, how do they work? Recruitment agencies are typically C.V. archives, and on some level, they have to make a living-case in point. The fact is, they work, and live off developing relationships with companies that are mutually beneficial to both the corporation and the recruitment staff. This means a lot of consultant business development canvassing combined with bits of digital marketing to be able to contact a wide range of companies on your behalf. A well crafted C.V. is what opens avenues for any recruitment agency, so essentially, you help them help you. There's a whole list of C.V. keywords, search string details I'll let slide. I'll try keep to the basics, so I don't bore you with the details.

What you may not know, is the fact that the recruitment agency gets more commission based on how high a salary they can negotiate for you! The agent's commission is actually a percentage of your salary! Recruitment agencies have to find some kind of rapport, between themselves, the market, and the companies. Therefore, they have a reputation to maintain, if at some point they want to be entrusted with any kind of higher end executive position placements.

Unfortunately, it�s not all puppies and kittens out there in the business world. A genuine agency should tell you the companies they are recruiting for, so that you aren�t taken advantage of or end up getting left uniformed. Scammers are always around, lurking, so don't get caught out. Talk to a reputable company that has a proven track record of success in your industry. This way you can rest knowing you have a genuine and hard working agent on your side, working to mutually benefit you both.

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