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How to Create a Nice Working Atmosphere

After all years of studies you successfully found your dream job and here you are, sitting in your office, doing research and having fun communicating with colleagues. Everything is quite well and you are quite satisfied with everything, but suddenly everything changes and you feel like the atmosphere you saw is a pretty illusion. What is the reason? You become stresses out, feel exhausted, and suspect everybody to dig under you. It is time to focus and solve a problem within your group. It is time to restore nice working atmosphere.

Take a closer look at you surrounding. Try to define for yourself the type of character your co-workers have. Every one needs a carefully chosen approach, not to hurt somebody's feelings. You have to take into consideration every aspect of your corporate life. Try to analyze what is most typical behavior of your colleagues at the conference, during daily routine, during submission of monthly reports and at corporate parties. Who is the leader in the office and in the company of friends? Who is afraid to express opinions? You have to study everything carefully to understand what the psychological machine of your working process is. Life in a group is much alike with the one in a tribe. It also has leaders, governing system, main goals and its traditions.

To start with, you may analyze your role in this system. Once you've determined who are you it will be easier for you to find everybody else's function. There can't be two bosses in the team, only one authorized experienced leader who runs the system and has assistants. If your colleagues are showing leadership it is great, but if they try to take your position, you have to do something to stop it. Some people in your team can be emotionally weak and quiet. They often ask for dissertation help http://www.dissertationsexperts.com/dissertation_help.php and need to be guided during the whole process. On the contrary, there are some bright and outstanding people that are quite confident in their dissertation writing http://www.dissertationsexperts.com/dissertation_writing.php skills.

Personal qualities are used to move up the career ladder so you have to pay attention to the ways they are used. In a good team there will be no rumors and a person who spreads them should be punished. Vivid discussions of someone's private life is also no the best way to treat the colleague. There should be more get-togethers, meetings, qualification courses and trainings. This way people understand the importance of their job. As a result you can see a lot of examples of a perfect thesis on your desk the next day and smiling faces around.

Society is, without doubt, competitive. Your co-workers also compete against each other in order to succeed. Sometimes, while competing, people can use dirty methods: blackmail, to tell on somebody, mess work up and quarrel over trifles. Discussion is always the mobile of progress, but when it comes too far it has to be stopped. You have to talk to each of your co-workers and explain how important it is to act and to work as a team to move forward. Being intelligent and educated people, they will understand what you want from them. Your efforts will bring results very soon if you try hard enough to make the situation stable. After success you'll get a reputation of a nice leader and a good team psychologist.