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Seven Qualities to Get a Job You Want

There are a lot of companies which are employing graduates with strong education background and fluency in several foreign languages. But will you agree that there are quite many candidates meeting the following requirements? How will human resource managers select from all of them? Here your personal and business qualities count. There are some essential features a person should possess to impress the interviewer and get the job.

You have graduated!!!! What a relief. You are free to manage your time as you wish. You don't have to think about your term paper topic for hours. You believe that all the difficulties are already behind. Partially it is so, but you still have to walk half of the way. It means that you should find a rewarding and challenging work to apply your education and develop yourself professionally.

I will list down a few.

Drive - energy and your desire to work. It is your attitude to work, your duties, and responsibilities. Of course you can approach your work formally, fulfilling your major duties with accuracy and on time. Surely, it is very important. But an employee with "drive", the person who is enthusiastic and creative about his work is much more interesting for the potential employer.

Creativity - your ability to offer exceptional ideas and innovative methods. You have a goal and you are to achieve it. And you suggest your ways of reaching it. This quality is especially important for marketing, advertising, though of course it will present you to advantage in any sphere of business.

Result-oriented Can you always complete what you began doing? No matter what difficulties you have while working on it, you are to complete it by the deadline.

Resilience - A man was walking, stumbled and fell down, and then he shook himself off and went on further. For example, you are taking part in a group discussion of some urgent problem. The idea you suggested made everyone laugh and no one approved it. You got offended, went into your shell and stopped proving your point of view. Then your resilience is very low. You should be able to stand your ground.

Leadership - Employers hire a young specialist hoping that he has a great potential and in ten years time he will become a leader. Not everyone must be a leader and become a top manager afterwards. But a good manager, that is a person able to handle the organization of other people, is indispensable in any respectable company.

Team-commitment many companies have a project system of management. Several people are working on some project. The success of the project depends on each member of the team. What matters here is your ability to get on with different people, find common language with all the staff and feel like a united team. One for all and all for one. In any business a strong team is a pledge of successful fulfillment of the project. Communication skills are of primary importance for any sphere, as there is no area where we can do without communication. How to make others listen to you, how to present yourself, how to uphold your point of view. This is a mini list of essential communicative skills.

How can the employer know you have all these qualities? You will include them in your resume (e. g. mentioning that at college you were a group monitor and were involved in social activities). Give a brief and precise review of all your successful achievements in your resume. Don't get upset if you lack some of the qualities. As psychologists state you can develop all of them with the help of special exercises and trainings. Of course these qualities are significant not only for work, but of course for life in general. Remember, that we know what we are, but we don't know what we might be. Our resources are endless and thanks God that it is really so!