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5 Secrets to Master a Job Application Form

Sean Goudelock

Getting accepted for a particular job is not as easy as ABC. Most of the time, you will find yourself in the middle of hundreds -- if not thousands of other aspiring applicants fighting to get the position that you want. Employers look for the applicant with the best of everything�personality, confidence, and skills. To increase your chances in a particular job that you are applying for, make sure that you�re 100% of every aspect of what the employer is looking for. One of the facets that you need to master when applying for a job is the way you prepare and answer a job application form. To help you in your job-hunting journey, here are 5 secrets to master a job application form.

First and foremost, you must always be prepared. When you apply for a particular job, the moment you step inside the employer�s room, expect that he is looking at every possible angle. They would be observing your facial expressions, whether you are nervous or not, and whether you are prepared or not. Try to impress your potential employer by making him feel that you are responsible and attentive. Remember that first impression lasts. Being prepared makes a good first impression to your employer and it is always considered plus points. You would not want to find yourself borrowing a co-applicants pen. Be prepared with the details about your previous employer. You should be prepared mentally and physically.

Once you get a hold of the job application form given by your employer, make sure that you fill it out completely and clearly. Make your hand writing legible and easy to understand. Remember that the employer checks hundreds of application forms every day. You wouldn�t want your job application form to end up in the paper shredder just because your handwriting looks awful. Read the directions carefully before you write anything. If questions such as �what is your desired salary� or �what is the position you are applying for�, write open or negotiable and open or as appropriate, respectively.

Make sure to prepare your email addresses, voice mails, contact numbers and other references. Preparing your references will allow the employer to contact you and inform you in case you are invited for an interview or accepted for the job. You would not want the employer stumbling just to look for your contact number.

Never forget to proofread your job application form once you finish filling it out. Making no mistakes or erasures in the application form means you are sincere and eager to get accepted for the job. Do not answer haphazardly and avoid making silly comments in the application. Being serious will make your employer feel that you are the perfect person they are looking for.

And last but not the least -- and probably the most important thing of all: be confident. Project yourself as someone they can trust and can create results for the company. Be confident of yourself, your skills and your background, whatever it is. Aside from a comprehensive job application form, your confidence might spell the difference.

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