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How To Convince Your Boss To Telecommute

Do you have a job that you think you could do just as easily at home? Perhaps Telecommuting is the way to go! Certain office jobs don't require people to be there physically and if you think your job meets those requirements, then you should seriously consider talking to the boss about Telecommuting. But what is the best way to approach him/her? In this article I'll give you some good advice about what to say and what NOT to say to your boss in order to convince them.

Remember that your boss is worried about the business and not about your personal life. So if you say things to him like, "I want to stay home and take care of my kids", that is not going to reflect well upon him. He's worried about meeting deadlines, productivity, and actual work being completed. If he suddenly sees you as a "Mommy" who needs to make lunches for the kids, or resolve fighting amongst siblings, or kiss boo-boos to make them better, he sees those motherly things getting in the way of the business productivity. So make sure when you approach your boss, don't approach him as a personal issue, make it all about the business.

Also when you talk to your boss about telecommuting, tell them what is in it for THEM. They want to know how it benefits them by not having you in the office and therefore not being able to be monitored by them. Here are just a few points you can bring up:

* Decreases turnover - Telecommuters are less likely to quit their jobs since they know they have it so good at their current situation.

* Improves Productivity - Telecommuters are not distracted by the chatter of other employees around the "water cooler" and also need not worry about sitting in traffic and leaving immediately at 5PM. Telecommuters are statistically proven to work longer hours.

* Cuts down on workman's compensation claims - Since you are working from your own home, safety on the job is no longer a factor that they're liable for.

* Promotes good health - There is less stress in telecommuting so therefore employers will be paying out less health insurance benefits.

* Cuts down on office supplies and facility costs - If you agree to use your own small supplies (not big, expensive machinery) then it will help them cut costs. Also using your own computer may be an added benefit to the company.

* Less sick days taken - Telecommuters are statistically proven to work from home even if sick. These are only a few points to bring up to your boss when discussing the possibility of Telecommuting. Of course you want to be there for your kids, but don't tell them that!

Having this open door conversation with your boss just may be your ticket to staying home and being a work at home mother! Your family, your health, and your boss may even thank you for it!