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10 sure-fire measures to become the boss's favorite

Any office has two kinds of people, a group that works hard but is never noticed and the other who immediately spring to mind. The second kind are the ones who are noticed and at the forefront of all activities. Career success means more than working hard, being qualified, meeting crazy deadlines, and being diligent. To be truly successful you need recognition from the boss.

In order to be remembered and noticed by the boss you will need to:

1. Be friendly and pleasant. Have a nice thing to say to everyone, ooze good manners, and have a ready smile and caring attitude. Don't be brash and ride rough shod over others or be judgmental.

2. Refrain from gossip. It is the one thing that can make life uncomfortable. Know what's happening in the office but stay away from discussing it or spreading things however tempting it may be.

3. Update your skills and knowledge constantly. The world today moves at a fast pace and one needs to keep up with technical innovations as well as global business trends. Make all efforts to be ahead of developments in your field of work.

4. Be efficient in your work and have facts and figures at the tips of your fingers. Always prepare for meetings well be a visionary and make suggestions that can be backed up by action. When you speak it must be pearls of wisdom.

5. Practice the art of listening. Analyze what others know and can tell you. Absorb knowledge like a sponge. Never restrict yourself to only your department. It pays to know other functions of the organization.

6. Be a leader in all aspects. Be the first to accept extra responsibilities, to take over someone else's load when they have problems, lend a hand when a team is working to achieve a deadline. Make valuable suggestions. Let people know they can depend on you for just about anything.

7. Respect and obey the rules of the office. Be disciplined and spread the culture to all others.

8. Always be in control, never appear to be stressed. Keep personal life and work separate never form a relationship with a colleague or boss. Dress well everyday and stand tall.

9. Be methodical and organized in your work. Use filing methods that anyone can use if you are away anyone in your department should be able to locate the papers. Keep your work area neat, computer files uncluttered. Device a workable backup schedule such that under no circumstance is your work lost. Disaster management measures must be in place. 10. Be poised, stylish, and approachable. Look good and smell good excellent personal habits are always appreciated. Carry breath mints in your pocket along with a fresh hanky. Keep a laundered shirt on hand for emergencies.

It takes more than talent to impress a boss. Be ahead in the race for success.